Tuesday, June 3, 2008

GPS Insight vehicle tracking product review

Technology can always make things easier for the
lives of a small business manager GPS Insight vehicle tracking system would really improve management of any service and trucking company so much. Anyone who does business in HVAC, roofing, plumbing, construction, sales forces, delivery vehicles, or long haul trucking would definitely benefit. For certain industries, this technological gem will prove absolute essential.
GPS Insight is the only GPS tracking product that is easy to install because it plugs directly into the vehicle's diagnostic port. Even I could do that! They give updates every two minutes that include direct engine diagnostics with high end map options for locations. You can see how your vehicles are performing in the field in real time with information on fault codes, speed, fuel consumption, odometer readings and idle time.
The cost is only $1.50-2 per day per vehicle and businesses can really benefit by the being able to track work hours more efficiently, optimize routes, watch for speed violations and save on fuel consumption.
With location and tracking service employers and managers have access to roadside assistance and information to aid the police in theft-recovery. You can also track off hours and weekend usage to identify personal vehicle usage or side job problems. When delivery or service questions arise, you can review vehicle activity back for 90 days of history to provide proof.
GPS Insight's web-based software allows you to see 14 different reports that range from detailed activity reports to a live snapshot of your entire fleet's location. They have options for integrated cellphone support, so you can text message your drivers individually or as a group or see maps or reports on your own cellphone.
Provided in the service is a great GPS Insight support wiki for customers. You'll find your frequently asked questions addressed in the wiki as well as enhanced product solutions.
24 hour customer service is available by toll-free phone or email. Their website has thorough demo videos you can watch to really get an idea of how their service works and get started right away.
They also have a Blog for GPS vehicle tracking that talks about the latest news in the GPS technology field. They also talk about new tools and features of GPS Insight as they develop and release them. It is great to see a service that is constantly innovating and adding new features.So try to visit this site .

Monday, May 26, 2008


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Thursday, May 15, 2008

pacific poker

It's pretty funny how this stuff comes around. I mentioned earlier about Casinos and then realized that back in September I had written about a site catering to the Mac crowd. It's not specifically just for Mac users but does lean more toward them. The site is Mac Poker Online. Since I visited the site last fall there have been a couple of updates and there seem to be a bunch of new links. That's pretty cool.

Pacific Poker still looks pretty cool to me although I was reading a bit about Fulltilt Poker, which seems pretty neat as well. Fulltilt Poker offers a bunch of the standard games such as Texas Hold'em, Hi/Lo, Omaha, Seven Card Stud and Razz. There are tournaments to join as well as private games if you are an affiliate or VIP.

Several of the casinos linked to from Mac Poker Online offer Online Casino Bonuses for signing up and most of them allow you to check it out without making any kind of upfront payment.

As I mentioned last September, if you are checking out a site linked to from Mac Poker Online make sure that they welcome U.S. players as quite a few of the online casinos don't allow you to play if you are in the United States.


Many people use their leisure time to watch TV. The variety of TV shows caused by the tight rivalry of TV channels is able to make people keep on sitting in front of their TV. But you can only enjoy many channels when you have a Satellite TV.

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Direct TV is all you need to have the best entertainment. You can get the hottest shows and the biggest movies from your home. You can enjoy sports events in crisp digital quality picture and sound.

Buy the satellite system now on Direct TV. This is the DirecTV dealer of the year for 2007. So, buying Direct TV in there is secure. You can order Direct TV with the best price and the best packet.

Choosing the most suitable direct TV for you is easy. You only have to fill in the blank on the questionnaire and the expert staff will recommend you the suitable direct TV. Well, what are you waiting for? Call them now and you will enjoy your leisure time more.

Online workspace.

Well, maybe some of you still not familiar with this online tool right?
If so, let me buzz some of the benefit that you can get from it. Actually, project workspace is a kind of online workspace. With this tool, you can share many type of document with your friends and you collegues. Not only that, you also can use this tool as a platform to discuss about your own project with your study group. No matter where they stay, where they live or where they are, you still can finish your project or your task on time.

The only think that you need is only an internet connection.
Once you have done with the task that you should submit, you can upload it and your friends can see and read it too. As for myself, I am prefer to call this great tool as my online project management. It’s because I can upload my Word and Excel files, Powerpoints, PDF’s, images, videos and after that, I can export it to online calendars like Apple iCal and Google Calendar.

Frankly, I also have my own reason why I want to have this online tool.
One of the best feature that I like is others users can post comments to ,my documents. That’s cool huh because I may know other’s people opinion and that’s really helpful. So if you want to know other features about this great online tool, head over to their site now and make sure you get the FREE 30 days trial!

jewelry 38..

One of the best gift ideas is to give your mom jewelry this Mother’s Day. Jewelries are classic and lasting. Since the beginning of time humans have been adorning themselves with jewelry made of twigs, leaves, flowers and animal bones! To this day, almost any woman would love to receive a piece of jewelry as a gift. The key is to make the gift unique.

It’s a mystery why women love jewelry. But you can be sure that your mom will love a piece of jewelry as a gift. It’s probably because jewelry is known to last, and it is worn to somehow represent the personal taste and style of the wearer. It says something about the wearer and it does have sentimental value.

Timeless - Today, jewelry has evolved. We cannot stop buying jewelry because there are so many designs available. These designs can now conform in many different ways onto the body. This is due to innovation in both the aesthetic and function of a piece of jewelry. Now you have lots to choose from as gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

The Material - For gift ideas think about which material you want to go with. What do you think is mom’s favorite stone when it comes to jewelry? Take notice of the jewelry she already wears. Are they simple, modern and elegant? Or are they more intricate, classical and highly decorative?

Gemstones enhance the value and beauty of a piece of jewelry. You can choose from diamonds, rubies,sapphires and stones. Synthesized stones are great, but the real thing is always the best, since they are more durable, long-lasting and do not easily lose their sheen and brilliance.

Type of Jewelry - When thinking of gift ideas for Mother’s Day also consider where your mom likes to wear jewelry. Does she usually wear a necklace, bracelet, pair of earrings or combination of these? If she likes to match her jewelry it might be a good idea to get a set of jewelry. Usually you can receive discounts for sets. When buying just a single piece of jewelry, it is best to look for something more unique and out of the ordinary. For instance, you may ask a jeweler to personalize a piece of jewelry or find something like an inscription or peculiar design on a piece of jewelry that symbolizes your appreciation for mom.

The possibilities are endless. One of the most popular inscriptions in a piece of jewelry for women are those that have something to do with time. For instance, your mom will be touched with the message “I loved you yesterday, and I’ll love you tomorrow”. Pendants with a mother and child design are also popular.

Another thing to consider is the design. Great gift ideas for mom when it comes to jewelry are also “circle” jewelry designs. Many pendants nowadays have an infinity design. A piece of jewelry can be a simple “O” studded with diamonds or other precious stones. These represent an everlasting love for a person, and mom will definitely love this classic and enduring style.

Presenting Your Gift - There are also gift ideas in presenting your piece of jewelry. Don’t just place it in a jewelry box&Pearl Necklaces. You can put it in a tiny gift basket or chocolate box. Your mom is going to expect chocolates diamonds or fruits, but once she opens her gift she’ll be delightfully surprised!

Grab more mother’s day gift ideas. Grab the most affordable deals for mothers day gift online.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bad Credit Repair

Many people these days have fallen into debts disaster. They fallen into the hole that they dig for themselves. That hole is called bad debts. And they struggling their way out of this debts. And few of them succeed. Most of them still can’t get out from their current situation. They have to spend their days living under bad debts, paying highly interest rate debts that consuming their financial health. Offcourse this situation is geting out of hand from time to time. In this situation, you need Bad Credit Repair.

Bad credit stops you from obtaining mortgages and loans, or making any purchases on credit. Generally, consumers who accumulate large credit debts and do not pay those debts earn bad credit ratings. A person who tries to obtain credit with poor credit scores will pay higher rates and fees. Their failure to pay the amount due results in additional debt in the way of high interest rates and accumulating charges. This can start a cycle of debt that is seemingly impossible to get out of. That's where bad credit repair services step in.

To repair your credit is seems impossible for most people. Because in many cases they have to make another debt to cover their old debts. And you know what happen next. The banks or any other financial institution would turn down their credit aplication, due to their bad credit history. They won’t taking any chance lending more money to some one with bad debts history. But i can recommend you to a site that can help you with this problem. They provide solution called Credit Repair Services. With this you don’t have to worry about your bad credit. They will Repair Credit for you.So, go check out this site and get rid of your bad debts.